Our Firm

Commercial Legal Services

Georges & Synowiecki has represented more than 1,000 businesses in the Chicagoland area, 800 of which operate primarily in the City of Chicago. The firm represents a wide range of leading companies in various sectors, including technology, property development and construction, infrastructure upgrades and improvements, and many others. Our expertise and experience allows us to navigate the complexities of the procurement and approval processes within the City of Chicago and assist clients with property acquisition, zoning entitlements, and aldermanic and community support, while practically and efficiently solving issues as they arise. The firm has built a record of success because of our understanding of each client's unique objectives and goals.

  • The firm represents Fortune 250 companies and a Fortune 50 company, banks with operations in Chicago and across the United States, major utility companies with operations in Chicago and across the United States, and companies upgrading and modernizing Chicago’s infrastructure.
  • More than 150 of the firm's clients are major real estate developers operating in Chicago and across the Chicagoland area.
  • We serve more than 100 major construction companies operating in Chicago and across the Chicagoland area.
  • More than 100 of our clients are businesses of all types, sizes and industries.
  • Finally, several clients are non-profit organizations, which we often serve on a pro-bono basis.

We are very proud of the relationships we've built with our clients, many of whom have been with us for many years, and the projects we've been able to assist them in completing. Our clients represent a dynamic, highly diverse cross-section of the business community and are some of the leading firms propelling Chicago forward.

Prepaid Legal Services

In addition to our commercial clients, Georges & Synowiecki provides a range of legal services to eligible members of UNITEHERE Local 1 and Local 450 through a legal fund established by collective bargaining agreements negotiated by the representative union with certain participating employers (Prepaid Legal Services). Through the legal fund, eligible employees receive legal assistance under a plan of benefits with specified matters in several general practice areas, including immigration, bankruptcy, certain criminal and traffic matters, and garnishment proceedings. Since 2019, we have completed more than 3,600 cases representing eligible members.