Alcohol Beverage Law

Over the last twenty five years, the lawyers of Georges & Synowiecki have been involved in every major issue that the alcohol beverage industry has faced. Our attorneys have been at the forefront of helping individual clients and the industry as a whole resolve challenges and successfully transact business, through legislative action and regulatory changes.

Georges & Synowiecki handles all types of alcoholic beverage licenses, from local Retailer’s licenses to Federal Basic Permits. Our focus is helping clients to obtain the proper licenses to fit their business models. We also assist alcohol beverage industry members to understand and comply with regulations from marketing rules to ownership issues. We have the credibility and relationships with regulators at all levels to ensure a fair and proper hearing on any issue that may arise in the course of clients' business activities.

Because the alcohol beverage industry is highly regulated and controlled, transactions are fundamentally different from typical business transactions and require particularized knowledge and skill. Georges & Synowiecki guides clients through this highly regulated atmosphere by carefully and thoroughly reviewing potential transactions before they commence. Our aim is to avoid potential challenges and disasters, including transactions being scuttled by unknown or obscure regulations.

We represent members of the alcohol beverage industry ranging from large producers and grocery store chains to startup entrepreneurs, craft producers and family restaurants.

Attorneys:  William D. O'Donaghue